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We all know that we must stay at home but, why? What is happening outside? Unfortunately, there is a virus called Coronavirus or Covid-19. It causes a totally new infectious disease that harms people. The virus causes a respiratory illness like the flu with various symptoms such as: cough, fever and body pain, that is why you should protect yourself for your own good and for everyone around you.

But, how can you do that? You must wash your hands regularly and avoid touching your face, but the main form of precaution is to stay at home. As we have to observe these measures, we cannot go to school, but we have implemented online lessons to continue learning.

For some of us having online classes is a new experience, isn’t it? This is how it works: Every day, after waking up we open our Gmail account, then we click on the calendar application that our tutor had in advance, and there we will see the classes scheduled for the day. To enter the class, we need to click on Moodle, we will have to choose the grade we are enrolled in and will go to the subject that we have at that time. There is a link which will take me to the online class. During the online class my teachers explain the lesson and send us a short task to continue develop our skills and test our responsibility. These classes do not end too late so we have enough time to finish all the day's activities.

With this online classes we are safe, with our families and most importantly we are up to date with the school program.


Sofía Bracho

Tenth grade


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