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On Thursday, December the 13th,the teachers’ choir at SEK Los Valles was invited to participate at theChristmas Carols Festival which was held at SEK University.


The church of Guápulo was peaceful and solemnas family and friends gathered in, waiting for the performances to begin. Thechoirs included groups of different shapes and sizes with people young and oldall with breathtaking harmonies. From the high notes and melody of sopranos tothe deep and powerful sound of the base. Each performance had a unique and flavorfulsound put to traditional and nontraditional Christmas carols.


The fifth group to perform was none otherthan SEK los Valles. Emotion and excitement filled each of our choir members asthey walked up to the front, ready to sing. The audience applauded and enjoyedthe beautiful international tunes sang by the choir: Deck the Halls, Niño Lindoand Toca, Toca Bien Negrito. All of which were the director´s choice.


Deck the halls was the first to be sung. Thisis a traditional carol usually sang in English. SEK los Valles Choir put a spinon it singing both in English and Spanish, highlighting our bilingual nature.


Next, was Niño Lindo. This, nontraditional, Venezuelancarol is powerful in its message and melody singing about our love and praisefor beautiful baby Jesus. The SEK los Valles choir represented exactly what thesong intends, in emotion and in harmony.


The last song to be performed was Toca TocaBien Negrito. This is a nontraditional, Cuban Christmas carol. It begins softand ends inspirational singing about a young boy playing his horn to announce thearrival of baby Jesus. The hearts of the audience filled with great peace andlove listening to SEK los Valles performance of this beautiful song.


It was a night fullof joy, and a special time for sharing with family and friends. The greatspirit of Christmas could be felt by all of the performers as well as by theenthusiasm shown on the audiences’ faces. SEK los Valles choir is proud to havebeen a part of such a wonderful event.


Christine Ullrich and Mónica González

English teachers and Choir members

Autoridades: Jorge Segovia