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Colegio Internacional SEK Los Valles - Noticias



Every new school year leads to greater challenges, goals to be met and room for further improvement. This current year has been no exception, and faithful in our pursuit of being better, SEK Los Valles of Ecuador managed to achieve the objectives proposed.


The World Sports InterSEK, an international event that gathered more than 200 students from 15 SEK high schools in our facilities, allowed young people from different countries not only to participate in sports competitions, but to fraternize, to know different ways of thinking and to relate in different languages. It surely became an unforgettable experience.


In the academic regard, we have been authorized to teach the PEP Primary School Program of the International Baccalaureate, aimed to preschool and primary students. In addition, our school has been chosen to be headquarters, in July, of the international IB workshops.


On the other hand, for the first time our students took the Cambridge tests to certify their English competences through an international examination.


Integral training still remains as the main pillar of our institution, which is why it will continue to work in the scientific, artistic and sporting areas, strongly committed to offer a high-quality international education.


Pablo Montenegro

Director de Admisiones


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