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In Ecuador, every second Sunday of May is devoted to honor mothers and recognize all their hard work.  As we all know, mothers have a very special place in their kids’ hearts. Normally kids prepare surprises for their moms at their schools and at their houses. This is the day in which we make sure that our mom knows how much we love her and we make our best effort to make her feel special and blessed for having a child.


But, what is a mother? A mother is an incredible gift of God; she is the person that gives any child affection and protection.  We can trust her and always feel safe around her. Being a mom is like no other job in the world, and her job is never done; motherhood is a career motivated by pure and unconditional love. Then, why waiting until Mother’s Day to show how much we love them? Better if every single day we open our hearts and tell them how much we love them and how grateful we are for having them in our lives.


Anasara Bedoya

Ninth grade “A”


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