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Colegio Internacional SEK Los Valles - Noticias



It was incredible from the first day I arrived to my host family’s house, they were very nice! The next day I went to school and everything started there. The fact that the classes were interactive, easy and fun was what I liked the most. The teachers had a way of getting to students that made you like the classes. The school was small but beautiful and I liked that you did not have to stay in the same classes for all the subjects; there was a specific classroom for every subject so you could move all the time and you were never bored. About the food, we had two options to choose from and both were delicious, also the people that served it were kind, actually everyone in Boca Prep were so kind that you wanted to stay there.

The students there were nice, friendly and funny, they treated us well, there weren’t too many students but we felt comfortable with them. The month I spent there, it felt like home.

My host family was also incredible they cooked so deliciously that I felt like I was in a restaurant every time I ate. They were also very nice, every weekend they took me to different places like the beach or the cinema or sometimes to the mall so I could go shopping; also the school took us to different places that I had never visited before, like Sawgrass and the Miami Zoo but the one that I liked the most was Universal, we visited Universal on Halloween night, so I went to the haunted houses and even though they were scary I enjoyed them.

I think that going to Boca Prep taught me many things like being responsible, independent and many other values. It Is a great experience that I would like to repeat because it was a lot of fun, It Is an experience that I fully recommend!!!


Mariapaz Aguilar

Student from SEK Los Valles


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