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Fourth graders are developing a Bird Projectfor science class. By stepping outside the classroom, students gain critical experiences through observation. Kids will discover and care about the world around them and interact with nature by birdwatching.

This Bird School Project will last the whole school year. Countless interesting activities have been planned such as, identification and study of birds which often show up in the school green areas. Moreover, kids will have the opportunity to meet and talk to qualified specialists who will visit our school. Furthermore, students will be in charge of making a map of all the trees in school to identify bird nests. Besides, students will enjoy doing bird illustrations, field journals to record their observations, planting endemic vegetation, debates, designing, creating and the implementation of bird fountains and feeders around school.

When we create an appropriate environment and provide effective resources to students, they can learn from the outside world, we open a new channel of insight and understanding. The project’s goal is to allow children to explore, to research and to raise awareness of the important role birds fulfill in the ecosystem. 

We will keep you informed about all the activities that will be carried on by our students.


Pablo Montenegro

Director de Admisiones


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