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Months before the trip, I must admit I felt pretty excited; however, the moment when we departed I was scared not only because of thousands miles to cross over the ocean, but also the idea of staying ten days with people I did not know yet. Suddenly, all my fear faded away when I got to know better the host family members who welcomed me.  Balas, my father loved History, so we got along pretty well. 


Rénata, my mother, made me feel loved even she couldn’t talk English well. Sára, my sister, was really amazing especially when we realized we shared passion for Game of Thrones and Harry Potter.


Budapest is a marvellous city whose buildings keep the essence of ancient history and fantasy, and at the same time its citizens seem clean and organized. It was the perfect atmosphere for the Intersek competitions where more than a fierce demonstration of talents and abilities, all participants contributed to create a united encounter of different cultures pursuing a common goal: partnership and harmony among all the SEK schools.


Saying good bye made me sad, but fortunately for us we are in 2018! Facetime, WhatsApp, Snapchat, and all social media help us be in touch with friends no matter how far we are.  This experience was not just great, it was splendid, especially because I realized that at the end of the day we are more alike than we think, we even dream the same and we do not see differences anymore.


Martina Lapo

Tenth grade C


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