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Colegio Internacional SEK Los Valles - Noticias



The past Friday, March 17, the Art exhibition of students of third baccalaureate IB took place in the facilities of SEK Los Valles School. As a member of the Art class, I saw this event as the culmination of two years of hard work and effort, in which I was able to show all my progress and knowledge to my family and friends.

I can´t find the exact words to describe how we felt when we finally saw the works we have produced; I couldn´t believe that we were finally there!  It was such an enjoyable time where my friends and I felt successful and proud of what we finally did.  Art has given us the opportunity to challenge ourselves to our full potential; however, everything was worth it because what we achieved was gained with love, with fun, and passion, which is something every one should feel at least once in our lives.


Kerly Córdova

Senior Class C


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