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The English Song Festival is a song competition based on live singing performances. For this event, each grade of Preschool, Primary, and Secondary sections, choose a song to sing with an appropriate English level and content, and prepare a choreography.

It was admirable to see how students expressed themselves through music, dance, and the English language. The dedication, effort, cooperation, and teamwork was evident among students, teachers, and School authorities. What a fabulous show was presented this week! Music and lyrics for all tastes, from pop to romantic songs. Students showed their abilities on the stage, they were graceful, joyful, and lovely. Furthermore, the event was live streamed on Facebook for parents and others to appreciate the wonderful performances and their interpretations. Thus, the judges had a hard decision to make to choose the top-three participants, in each category due to all contestants did their best to have a great festival.

To end with such an amazing festival, the winners gave a concert to their parents and received their prizes. Subsequently, these kinds of activities encourage and involve students to display their talent as singers, dancers, or actors, while using English.


Cristina Arias

English Teacher


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